My occasional blog posts are normally business related. I certainly avoid politics. However, the referendum outcome falls into an entirely different category.

We are on the brink of doing somethingLooking into abyss both immensely daft and irreversible. Society has some huge challenges and growing inequality has to be addressed. Demagogues, knaves and some well meaning, but misguided, individuals are taking advantage of this unhappiness and peddling a false dawn. This will affect our lives and our children’s lives.

For many years politicians knew better than to call a referendum on capital punishment because they knew they would get the ‘wrong’ answer. This wasn’t a rejection of democracy, but a recognition that people sometimes do daft things and very few have the time or inclination to immerse themselves in the issues and alternatives. We expect far more engagement, thought and debate from our politicians.

I should have seen the danger and opposed the referendum when it was announced. I should certainly have pushed for something so fundamental and irreversible to require more than a simple majority. I failed on both fronts.

However, I think it incumbent on me and like-minded individuals to do what we can now. This is not whinging because we ‘lost’. This is a response to an existential crisis for our nation. There is time for sanity to prevail and we must persuade our politicians that they can and must stop Brexit. Yes they will be criticised and their careers may also be damaged. But it is their duty to stand tall and do the right thing.