Several buses – all at once!

I was going to start my blog with some comment about how one waits for ages and then several buses come at once.  However I then noticed that it has been a month since my last post so it is me that has been slow to write rather than the pace of news that has been fast! But nevertheless a lot has happened.

In September I wrote about MyWorkSearch being shortlisted in the 2010 e-learning awards.  For a new company to make such a prestigious list is hugely rewarding.  A few weeks ago a colleague and I went to the black tie awards dinner, more to network and learn than in the expectation of success.   We vaguely plotted our route to the stage as they prepared to announce the winners in the ‘most innovative’ category however we were not too disappointed or surprised as the bronze and silver winners were revealed and our name was not called out.  I think I was having a “never mind, perhaps next year” conversation as gold was announced.

It took the person next to me to point out that my colleague and I really should head to the front to collect the top award!  So MyWorkSearch built upon the successes of winning the LinkedIn European Business Award and the Microsoft Bizspark contest to now also receive the accolade of Gold Winner in the most prestigious UK e-learning awards.  As if this wasn’t enough, in the past month we were a finalist in the National Online Recruitment Awards and have been shortlisted in the Learning Technology Solution of the Year category for the 2011 IT Training Awards.  I guess I had better take my black tie to the dry cleaners!

All of this external recognition is extremely satisfying.  We work very hard to do a good job and it is great when others acknowledge this.  However the best bit of good news came last week when we completed the analysis of our user research study.  We wanted to find out how successful MyWorkSearch is in getting people back into work.  Well the answer is:

  • 61% of MyWorkSearch users had within 3 months found a new job.
  • The average time to find a job was 62 days.
  • 92% of successful jobseekers stated that MyWorkSearch contributed to this outcome.
  • Jobseekers who accessed the advice and eLearning on MyWorkSearch are 50% more successful at finding a new job than those who do not.

Now this is a superb Christmas present. As I sign off on what will be my last post for 2010, I wish everyone all the very best for the holiday season.