I should be depressed; however I am not.  In addition to it looking like I will lose my bet, my company is soon likely to have to contend with a more challenging environment.  All the indicators are that the economy has turned and we are now on the road to recovery.  We may not be on the motorway, indeed it feels more like a windy country lane, however the economy is gradually becoming more benign with fewer bad news stories and reasonably frequent positive ones.

This makes it harder for MyWorkSearch which has clearly benefited from high levels of unemployment; with recovery there will inevitably be fewer potential users of our service.  However the reason for my optimism is that I am quite certain that even in a more buoyant environment there will still be employment change.  Some organisations will prosper and recruit, others will do less well and shrink.  Companies will merge and operations will move.  All of this will mean a reasonable level of ongoing demand for outplacement and career transition assistance.

The reason for my optimism is I am convinced that our hypothesis just over a year ago, that online outplacement would be useful, has proven correct.  As overall demand for outplacement shrinks the requirements that remain will gravitate to MyWorkSearch‘s online model.  So many thousands of people have now experienced the benefit of 24/7 unlimited assistance that it is hard to see many preferring the alternative of a handful of consultant delivered hours that the same budget offers.  As with so many other sectors, technology is changing the way this one operates.  Whilst my colleagues and I may need to work harder to secure new business, at least we will be doing so in the satisfaction that our country is suffering less hardship and meanwhile our business model is aligned to what the customer wants.

Over the next few weeks we will be upping our game in order to ensure we remain at the forefront of our sector.  We will be launching our new website and embarking on a major marketing campaign.  Hours of additional e-learning content will be added to MyWorkSearch and we will be rolling out a new design combined with usability improvements.  The benefits of feedback from thousands of users combined with six figure investment will see us capitalise upon our existing lead and ensure we are the obvious choice for outplacement purchasers.

None of this helps with my bet.  But if there is one gamble I have to lose, I guess that this is the one it should be!