We did it!


My colleagues and I started MyWorkSearch just over a year ago.  We have worked extremely hard to make this a successful business.  Considerable time, money and passion as well as rather a lot of stress!

So I am extremely pleased that our efforts have been recognised by LinkedIn.  This afternoon we were selected by them as Best Startup of the year in the European LinkedIn Business Awards.

Thank you to everyone who works at MyWorkSearch, thank you to our customers and, of course, thank you LinkedIn!

4 comments on “We did it!

  1. Aboodi says:

    Congratulations, Richard!

  2. Congratulations, Richard! Wishing continued success for you and your team!

  3. Congratulations Richard! And, due recognition that you; your vision; your mission; and all your effort is bang on track – and all worthwhile! Take your foot off the gas; hit cruise control; and float downstream! Be sure to allow yourself enough time to catch up with yourself – and really savour all your achievements!

  4. Brilliant news Richard – Very well done.

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