China, Hong Kong and Singapore


It is a few years since I last visited Hong Kong and Singapore and I am looking forward to tomorrow when I head out on a trip to both cities.  Whilst there I plan to meet with several existing industry contacts as well as get to know others in the sector.  I am looking forward to learning how outplacement and career management differ in two very different environments.  There is China which is huge in terms of both population and geography.  A better job can transform life for a person and his/her family and hundreds of millions of people see now as being their moment.  Competition for the best opportunities is fierce and I look forward to learning what this means for the career management profession.  Singapore is far smaller however the same passion and energy are evident, with talented people ambitiously pursuing the many opportunities that exist.  I hope that we can bring to Asia and this trip should help me decide.

I will write about my observations on a future post.  If you think it will be useful to meet whilst I am in these cities please do get in touch.  My email address is richarda (at)

2 comments on “China, Hong Kong and Singapore

  1. Aboodi says:

    I will be in Singapore in November, also for business.

    Let’s meet up for lunch when you are back, so we can talk some more … Travel well.

  2. Camilla Segre says:

    Ciao Richard, have a nice trip ! I would like so much to visit Singapore. A friend of mine from the UK lives there. Camilla

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