Complacency and failure

Every now and then I have a rant on my blog.  And today is one of those days!

My company is expanding and we are hiring new people.  This means we need new computers.  For many years I have bought Dell PCs.  They may not have been the very best computers or value however one could rely upon them being towards the top end of quality and value and combined with ease of purchase and good support this made them an excellent supplier.

My last three orders have all suffered from two week plus delivery dates.  The latest computer has a quoted one month delivery date.  To add insult to injury one has to complete the online purchase process, including payment, prior to discovering the delivery date.

I have now discovered the extent of my brand loyalty and having reached the end of it, my next order will be from someone else.  This is a real shame.  I do hope that Dell get their act together.  However if my recent experiences are typical we may be reading of business problems at the company.  Indeed if I was a Dell shareholder I would be selling!

I will make sure my next blog is on a more positive subject.  Rant over!