I am regularly asked to give advice on a range of topics and am even regarded by some as an expert in my fields.  Prior to writing this I watched a video at Career Site Advisor where I was asked to speak about job interviews and how to do well in them.  I was rather pleased by what I said and the guidance I gave.

I then reflected upon a meeting I attended yesterday that was rather important to me.  As I drove away afterwards I knew that I had missed some rather important points, had failed to effectively communicate ideas that I felt were key and had made some incorrect assumptions about what would be covered.  And today, as I watched the video, already angry with myself for my poor handling of the meeting, I realised that I had failed to follow good advice that I was very happily dispensing to others on how to prepare for and conduct a meeting.  Not just incompetent – but also a hypocrite!

As I mull over the meeting and the likelihood that the outcome will not be what I want, it makes me realise how big the gap can be between knowing and doing.  And worse still, how one can deliver good advice and yet not follow it oneself.

I know that many people who read my blog are job-seekers.  It is easy to regard one’s activity as preparing yet another application, yet another conversation or yet another interview.  A piece of advice that I will endeavour to follow is: if it is not important, don’t bother doing it; if it is important, make the maximum effort to do it properly.

And if you spot me not following my own advice please feel free to remind me and call me a hypocrite!

All the best