I am currently hiring for a few positions and it reinforces my conviction that MyWorkSearch and MyNewJob.me are essential offerings as many candidates just don’t understand what they are doing wrong and why their applications fail.

When I was last hiring, just over a year ago, we had to use recruitment agencies as we could not get many candidates from our advertisements.  Now, from relatively little online advertising, we have been inundated with applications.  Many of the candidates were until recently earning more than we are offering and they are clearly very keen to quickly secure a new job.

I have had to sift the CVs and in doing this some could quickly be rejected.  They did not sell themselves well, they had spelling mistakes in their CV, or they had not attempted to explain why they would be a great hire.  A couple of years ago this would not have mattered so much.  Now, however, I was comparing them to a far stronger pool of candidates and eliminating these weaker applications was a fast and easy decision.

Another characteristic that stood out was the industry sector that the applicant had previously worked in.  High on the list were publishing, building services/property and financial services.  Some very capable individuals are now unemployed simply because their sector has been hammered and despite their talents they are finding it very hard to secure a new role.

In this market there really is no point applying for a job unless one makes the effort to present well and clearly demonstrate suitability for the specific role.  Fail to do this and rejection is inevitable.  Get it right and one has merely progressed to the lottery stage where luck will determine which of the amply qualified candidates secures the position.

I do hope for all our sakes that more jobs will be created.  Meanwhile I advise all job-seekers to:

  • Consider extremely carefully what you send out and ensure that there are no silly mistakes;
  • Treat each application seriously and put effort into demonstrating your suitability;
  • Remember it is a numbers game and maintain a high application rate.

All the best


3 comments on “Hiring

  1. Jason Perry says:

    Completely agree with you Richard. The problems of finding the good candidates right now are challenging with so very many applicants – many of whom are not suited. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the shortage of “good” candidates. Now obviously you should have paid a recruiter to save you the sifting… but I would say that wouldn’t I!

    But seriously, I think you have the timing of myworksearch.co.uk about right!! Looking forward to seeing the huge success it deserves to be.

    Jason Perry

  2. hmmmm I like this post but I would love to see some on how to save on construction costs in this tough market

  3. brian says:

    Be a realist and don’t panic

    There can be people who will be rather glad than not to hear they’ve been laid off. But if you don’t belong to this category and a layoff is a stress for you, do not get panic-stricken and don’t start job searching at once, have a short time-out. The psychologists say you need at least three days to cope with your emotions. And when you’re more or less calm again, think what you’re going to do next.

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