ESU – Employed, Suddenly Unemployed

Full employment in an economy does not mean everyone having a job. There is always a percentage of the population who despite job availability don’t wish to work, cannot work or are mid-job move. But the buoyant economy of the last decade has meant that the vast majority of workers who have wanted to find a job have been able to work and earn money.

Life may not have been perfect however people had dignity and could make plans reliant upon their income. The recession has changed this for approximately 1 million people. A huge number of people who have seen employment as their normal situation are now suddenly unemployed and facing considerable uncertainty in finding a new job.

Despite the recession there are still jobs to be had. There are just far fewer than there used to be and far more competition. Where once a new job application would pit a candidate against perhaps half a dozen other job-seekers, now one hundred or more is commonplace. With these odds it is hardly surprising that the future looks bleak. Even with economic recovery it will still be at least a couple of years before employers are hiring again to the level required to create sufficient opportunities. And meanwhile the ESU’s face all of the hardship that comes with unemployment as well as the risk of a lengthy period out of work making them unemployable in the eyes of many employers.

My team and I cannot change the number of available jobs. However we can help users of Myworksearch and become far more effective job-seekers. At least in this way some people are able to get back to work far sooner than would otherwise be the case.

All the best