ESU – a new tribe

We are really motoring and I have already broken my resolution to write more frequently! The good news is that Myworksearch is ready and user feedback has been superb. Quite a few people have now used and they have all been extremely positive about how it is helping them in their search. One of the challenges we face is that they tell us that the site and its features are better than they had expected. We obviously are not properly communicating our offering in our marketing website. Whilst this is a good problem to have it is nevertheless something that we need to address. We are working on changes to our site and hope to have them in place by the end of the month.

In talking to job seekers it is apparent that there is a new and growing category of unemployed people that we are calling ESUs. These are people who have been comfortably ‘Employed for years, now Suddenly Unemployed’. They are facing the double whammy of an expensive lifestyle and poorly developed job-seeking skills. In the current very difficult labour market they are not finding new jobs and are getting into an increasingly difficult position. We are developing new modules for our http://www.myworksearch to specifically address their circumstances. The ESUs are a group that fall between the stools of Jobcentre Plus provision and the services of high-end outplacement companies. Hopefully Myworksearch can make the difference.

All the best