One down – one to go

It has been a mixed week. The good news is that our back-end offering – that is the actual functionality for subscribers – has been working well. We have found a few bugs but no showstoppers. The bad news is that we have really struggled with our marketing sites. Getting them ready has been an extremely slow and painful process. is live however is not. When things get a bit quieter in August I want to reflect on the experience and change this aspect of how we do things.

It is many years since I launched a business from scratch and I had forgotten quite how busy one gets. The main issue is the sheer number of small items that need to be dealt with by a small team. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. And since most of what we do is in some way customer facing every mistake has the potential to be embarrassing. So the incorrect statement on the website, the browser incompatibility issue or the broken link are all minor and easily corrected; but it takes time and meanwhile other necessary tasks are stacking up. I know from experience that we will soon get past this. However for the moment it makes for challenging days!

The really positive news is the feedback we have had from people using our system. We had a few volunteers when we were beta-testing prior to launch and we have issued several accounts since. Without exception the response has been excellent. Users are finding the information that we provide valuable and easily followed and the software tools are making their job search that much easier. At the end of the day, this is what counts.

All the best