The 25th!

Our developers assure me that we will be ready to launch on the 25th. In some ways our site reminds me of a house being redecorated. As one approaches the completion date it looks an awful mess with loose ends and unfinished items all over the place. However as the clock counts down each item is dealt with and suddenly one is presented with all that had been planned for. So I hope it will be with our site!

We have now put up a holding page at and there is a video that explains our offering. Later this week, once we can start taking subscribers, our complete marketing site will go live. Given the time, energy, passion – and money – we have put into this it is very exciting.

The last few days have seen emails fly around the team as we debate the subtler nuances of our marketing website. I do wonder whether anyone will ever read it with the same eye for detail as we have. On the other hand there is the risk that our familiarity with its content means that we miss some howler of an error that will be obvious to everyone but us. and are the culmination of months of long days and creative energy. For the team it has been an all-consuming endeavour. However we must not lose sight of the very real problems that led us to create the sites. Unemployment in the UK is now at its highest level since November 1996 and is expected to continue rising, with over 3m likely in 2010. As The Times recently put it, “Applying for work has become a full-time job in itself.” Competition for jobs is now so fierce that almost 400 people are responding to every job centre advert for some occupations.

But there are jobs out there and the solutions we have created will help many thousands of people find vacancies, effectively apply for them and return to work far sooner than they otherwise would. This will make a huge difference to households up a down the country and provides a tremendous motivation to the team.

All the best