The weekend – or is it?

Earlier this week I had a very enjoyable catch-up with a person who was previously a member of the management team at a company I used to run. He told me that his mortgage would soon be paid off, his investments produced a modest income and that he was really excited by the options this presented him with. Soon work would be something he would choose to do and he would seriously consider abandoning his career, perhaps to travel around the world. I am reflecting on this as I sit in my study on a beautiful, sunny Friday afternoon in London.

I am fortunate in that I have achieved the financial independence that my former colleague is fast approaching. However unlike him most of my weekend will be spent hacking away at the to-do list. My new business launches in a handful of weeks and there is so much that needs to be done. It brings home to me that there really is something unusual in the entrepreneur. Five months ago there was an idea; now there is investment, a team, a product and commercial partners. Taking my bike out the garage and going for a ride or swimming with the kids would be fun. But realistically, obsession – or is that addiction – will win out and the to-do list will be reduced.

Ironically my new business is focused on helping people find new jobs and better manage their careers. I hope that those who use our services achieve a better work/life balance!

All the best