Kicking this off

I have written a blog just once before. Kenexa has a corporate blog site and when I was employed by them after the purchase of PSL I briefly contributed to the site. I and many others quite quickly stopped writing new entries. I guess life just got too busy and inspiration dried up.

Working with a small team of colleagues I am about to launch a new company. If all goes well our technology will be ready towards the end of June. So, full of ideas, energy and passion, I decided to start writing again.

Over the coming weeks I will add to this blog as a record of progress in launching my new company and also my general musings. Let’s hope both the company and this blog have a long and successful future!

And the new company? It is called Myworksearch Ltd. We will have two brands, one at and the other at At present there is a holding page on both sites. But soon there will be more and I will certainly be commenting on this.

All the best